Construction Law Services

Construction Law Services


Southeastern North Carolina, including Wilmington and New Hanover County, has maintained a strong construction climate over the years.   The Law office of Wesley Scott Jones, P.C. has represented a number of construction professionals over the years, including but not limited to:

Architects, Asbestos Removal Contractors, Associations, Banks, Brick Masons, Building Material Suppliers, Carpenters, Churches, Commercial Developers, Companies, Concrete Installers, Concrete Suppliers, Condominium Owners, Construction Companies, Construction Workers, Contractors, Developers, Engineers, Electricians, Equipment Rental Companies, Framers and Framing Companies, General Contractors, Generator Supplier, Grading Contractors, Home Owners, HVAC Installers, Land Developers, Licensees, Material Suppliers, Metal Roofers, Modular Homeowners, Owners, Painters, Paving Contractors, Plumbers, Pool Contractors, Pool Owners, Property Owners, Purchasers, Qualifiers, Real Estate Developers, Roofing Companies; Residential Developers, Residential Builders, Second-tier Subcontractors, Sellers, Siding Installers, Sheetrock Installers, Sheetrock Suppliers, Steel Erectors, Stucco Installers, Subcontractors, Surety Companies, Surveyors, Third-tier Subcontractors, Tile Installers, Tile Suppliers, Unlicensed Contractors, Welders, Window Installers, and Window Installers and Suppliers.

If the following matters are relevant – or may be relevant – to your construction business, then please contact Wesley Jones today to set up an initial meeting and consultation: 910-256-5800.

• Licensing • Permitting • Breach of Contract
• Breach of Warranty • Mechanics Lien • Bond Claims
• Building Code Violations • Building Inspections • Licensing Board Representation
• Change Orders • Changed Conditions • Defective Workmanship
• Government Projects • Commercial Projects • Residential Projects
• Public Projects • Environmental Issues • Defective Design
• Delay Claims • Negligence • Indemnity Claims
• Negligent Misrepresentation • North Carolina Prompt Pay Act • Subrogation Claims
• Contribution Claims • Surety Bonds and Defense • Statute of Limitations
• Statute of Repose • Early Termination Claims • Unlicensed Contracting
• Implied Warranty of Habitability Claims • Implied Warranty of Plans and Specifications • Implied Warranty of Merchantability
• Little Miller Act Claims • Miller Act Claims • Administrative Claims
• Acceleration Claims • Project Bidding • Claim of Lien
• Lien Claims • Perfection of Claim of Liens • Lien Enforcement
• Lien Defense • Liquidated Damages • Paid-When-Paid Clauses
• Payment Bonds • Performance Bonds • Punitive Damages
• Strict Liability • Arbitration Clauses • Attorney Fee Claims
• Duty to Mitigate • Fraud • Interference with Contract