Practice Areas and Services

Litigation Services:

Legal Services in Wilmington NCI represent clients involved in a variety of litigation matters, with an emphasis on Construction Law and Business Law disputes.  I represent Plaintiffs and Defendants in District Court, Superior Court, and Federal Court throughout southeastern North Carolina.

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Construction Law Litigation:

I represent clients involved in all aspects of Construction Law, including but not limited to General Contractors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, and other Construction Professionals involving Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, and Governmental Projects.  Specifically, I handle the following matters:  Defective Workmanship and Defective Design; Scheduling, Performance; Delay and Disruption Claims; Breach of Contract and Breach of Warranty; Negligence;  Bond and Lien Claims; Miller Act and Little Miller Act Claims; and Licensing.

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Construction Law Services (Non-Litigation):

My non-litigation construction services include the following matters:  Review of Construction Contracts and related documents; Drafting Construction Contracts and related documents; and Educating clients on legal issues frequently encountered in the construction industry such as lien and bond filing procedures, lien and bond filing deadlines, licensing issues, permitting requirements, and building code interpretation.

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Business Law Litigation:

I represent clients involved in all aspects of Business Law, including but not limited to Sole Proprietors, Corporations, LLCs, Small Business Owners, Non-Profits, and Franchisees.  Specifically, I handle the following matters:  Ownership Disputes, Contract Disputes, Payment Disputes, Collection of Past Due Accounts; and Franchisor-Franchisee Disputes.

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Business Law Services (Non-Litigation):

My non-litigation business services include Business Entity Startup and Formation; Drafting Shareholder and Operating Agreements; Drafting Shareholders and Directors’ Minutes; Contract Review and Drafting (including Non-Compete Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Leases, Assignments, and Promissory Notes); Starting and Operating a Franchisee Business; Buying or Selling a Business; and Business Dissloution and Liquidation.

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Miscellaneous Litigation and Services:

I also accept cases involving Real Property Disputes, Residential Purchase Disputes (representing Owner-Sellers, Buyers, and Realtors); Landlord-Tenant Disputes including Summary Ejectment (representing both Commercial and Residential Landlords and Tenants); and many others.

If you have a legal problem that is not listed above, call now for a free phone consultation.  If I cannot accept your case for any reason, I will happily refer you to someone who can.