Operating a Franchise Business in WilmingtonOperating a franchise business is a great way to operate a business provided you begin the process properly and stay compliant with all relevant laws.  A franchise business typically comes with a set framework for how the business will be conducted, products or services offered, pricing, and special promotions.  Franchisors also give franchisees very specific guidelines for everything from advertising to how services or products are offered to the public. For many, running a franchise business is ideal – they are provided with a business formula with a proven track record of success.

As an attorney for numerous business owners in and around the Wilmington area, Wesley Scott Jones knows that it can potentially be easier and less stressful to operate a franchise as opposed to a solo enterprise.  Another plus is the fact that around the country, franchises seem to have a higher survival rate compared to other similar ventures.  Having the financial backing and name recognition of an established business certainly doesn’t hurt.

However, starting and operating a franchise business can be daunting, complicated and unnerving.  One of the problems that can arise is the iron-clad nature of the contracts that large franchisors want franchisees to sign.  What should be the proper term for the contract – 5, 10, 20 years?  What kind of Security Agreements, if any, should you be willing to sign in favor of the franchisee?  Do you fully understand all of the terms and conditions of the Franchise Agreement and will you be able to comply with all them?  Should you operate the new business as a sole proprietorship or under a new Business Entity?  That’s why anyone considering a franchise business should discuss his or her plans with a business law professional, like Wesley Jones.

Wesley Jones also has experience with taking a business from private ownership to franchise, including consulting on and drawing up Contracts and all legal paperwork involved in the transaction.

To schedule an appointment with attorney Jones, please give his office a call at 910-256-5800.   Initial phone consultations are free.  Call now!

The office is located in Lumina Station, just before the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge. The address is 1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 301.  Parking is free parking! 

Wesley Jones is a Business Law Attorney serving all of Southeastern North Carolina including  New Hanover County (e.g. Wilmington, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Landfall and Mayfaire), all of Pender County (e.g. Burgaw and Topsail Beach) and all of Brunswick County (e.g. Bolivia, Southport, Ocean Isle, and Oak Island).

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