ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENTS: Closing Considerations in North Carolina

Depending upon the type of Business Assets involved, the following are just a few of the documents that a potential Buyer and Seller may want to include in an Asset Purchase Agreement at Closing:

  • The Parties will need a Bill of Sale and Assignment of Property.
  • The Buyer should determine if it needs to form a new Business Entity with which to buy the Seller’s assets.
  • The Buyer should consider whether it wants or need a Noncompetion Agreement with the Seller and/or the Seller’s Shareholders/Members, and/or Key Employees.
  • If Intellectual Property is involved, the parties will need an Assignment of Trademarks, Patents, and/or Copyrights, as applicable.
  • If the Seller’s website domain, email addresses, and/or telephone numbers are involved, the parties will need an Assignment Agreement to cover these items.
  • The parties will need an Assignment of Contracts, Leases, and/or Liabilities as applicable.
  • If the Buyer wants the Seller’s owners and/or Key Employees to assist Buyer with Buyer’s new business for a period of time after Closing, the Buyer will need an Employment/Consulting Agreement with these parties.
  • If the Buyer is not paying cash at Closing, the Seller will at a minimum want a Promissory Note signed by the Buyer, and a Seller should consider whether additional security is needed in the form of a Personal Guarantee Agreement signed by the Buyer’s individual Owners, a Security Agreement on transferred personal property, or a Deed of Trust on transferred Real Property.
  • The Buyer will want appropriate Approvals by the Seller’s Stockholders/Members and Board or Directors/Members.
  • The Seller will want appropriate Approvals by the Buyer’s Stockholders/Members and Board of Directors/Members.

If you are planning to Purchase the Assets of an existing business, the foregoing documents are just a few that a potential Buyer and Seller may want to include in an Asset Purchase Agreement.  If you need help or advice, call an experienced Business Attorney. Call Wesley Scott Jones now at 910-256-5800 for a free telephone consultation.

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