Construction Laws May Vary by State

Construction Law ServicesWilmington attorney, Wes Jones appreciates that managing a construction project is a tall order. Hiring subcontractors, securing surveyors and inspectors, purchasing materials and acquiring all the necessary permits for a building job are just the beginning. Dealing with weather, illness, and scheduling glitches present their own set of challenges.

When builders agree to work across state lines, which they often do, they may be surprised to learn that construction regulations can vary greatly. In fact, there may be a number of legal issues of which they are completely unaware. Because the legal aspects involved with both commercial and residential construction can differ from state to state, securing the services of an attorney familiar with those laws is strongly advised.

Builders that accept projects in North Carolina are often shocked to discover that individuals with very minimal ties to the job can sue them. For example, if the construction firm caused any delays, loss of profits, or was found negligent, someone outside of the “contractual privity” category is able to sue. Although many states make contractual privity a requirement, which serves to define the relationship and accountability between the parties in a construction contract, North Carolina does not in some cases. Other matters that are not the same among all 50 states are statutes of limitations and statutes of repose. These define how long a builder can be found responsible and be held accountable for damage or injuries suffered on, through, or by the construction site.

Even if you are familiar with the current laws on the books that govern construction practices, having an experienced attorney will help you stay one step ahead, especially when changes are made or new laws are enacted. For example, here along the Cape Fear coast, many were caught off guard with the new flood insurance legislation and how it impacts both new construction and renovation projects.

To avoid any surprises and for optimum piece of mind, it just makes sense to get the facts from an experienced attorney who is familiar with the legal requirements of the state you’ll be working in. Throughout southeastern NC and the greater Wilmington area, Wes Jones has a proven track record in Construction Law and Litigation.

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