Commercial Landlord Legal Representation

Commercial Landlord Legal RepresentationAs a commercial landlord in the state of North Carolina, you may not be aware that trying to handle issues on your own can potentially make matters worse. For example, accepting late payments from commercial tenants can possibly lead to a loss of your rights to terminate the lease or take possession of the property.

In matters of commercial rentals, it is recommended to use the advice of an experienced business attorney, especially when you’re faced with landlord-tenant disputes.

If you are leasing commercial property, having Wilmington attorney Wesley Scott Jones on your team can help prevent a number of headaches later on down the road. As a skilled litigator, business and construction lawyer with extensive experience in commercial real estate matters, Wes is also well-versed in matters pertaining to creating and reviewing contracts, serving as a consultant during disputes, the eviction process, and, should it become necessary, court cases. Over the years, Wes has successfully assisted local businesses including retailers, restaurants, offices, and other commercial establishments resolve matters including:

  • Overdue rent
  • Property damage
  • Breach of lease
  • Illegal activity on premises
  • Evictions

In these matters, it’s always best to try and resolve problems before they become a bigger problem. To learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a commercial landlord, please call our office at 910-256-5800 or email us in order to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Wes Jones.