Litigation Services in Wilmington, NC

Litigation AttorneyWesley Scott Jones is a local attorney with a high degree of expertise in the multi-faceted process of litigation. As an experienced trial lawyer, Wes is able to represent plaintiffs and defendants in District, Federal, and Superior Court.

The key to attorney Jones’ success is his experience in managing all phases of the litigation process such as investigation, pleadings and discovery, pre-trial responsibilities, trial and courtroom proceedings, settlement and the appeal process.

As a litigator, attorney Jones specializes in:

Each case comes with its own unique set of circumstances, which is why Wes goes the extra mile in conducting in-depth investigations to ensure there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit. This procedure involves having a thorough interview with the client, locating witnesses, taking their statements, gathering documents, checking and re-checking the facts that resulted in the dispute. During these proceedings, it may become apparent that a pre-litigation settlement can resolve the issue before a lawsuit is even filed.

If you are considering hiring Wes as your litigator, here’s a quick look at the Basic Breakdown of the Litigation Process:

Pleadings – During this phase, the facts are reviewed prior to drafting a wide variety of pleadings and motions on behalf of the client. Formal complaints and official summons documents are also formulated at this time. Whether the client is the plaintiff or the defendant, allegations are investigated, responses are discussed, and a number of motions may be drafted including motions to strike, dismiss, amend or change venue and motions for judgment on the pleadings.

Discovery – This is when the litigation attorney gathers information and evidence that is relevant to the case. The discovery process is a vital step litigators use to find out the facts relating to the problem, identify the extenuating circumstances, and developing a strategy for how the case should proceed.

Pre-Trial – During this stage, attorney Jones will consult with and advise clients; acquire expert witnesses, attend pre-trial conferences and develop a trial strategy based on the facts and evidence. Pre-trial work also requires working with key witnesses, preparing trial exhibits, articulating arguments and pre-trial motions.

Trial – The good news is most lawsuits are settled before they come to trial. However, when cases cannot be resolved, attorney Jones is well-versed and extremely experienced in all such matters including witness and jury preparation, identifying the case’s strengths and weaknesses, using them to their fullest potential, and the art of persuasive reasoning.

Settlement – As a litigator, Wes always has the best interests of his clients in mind, which is why seeking a settlement as opposed to going to trial, is a worthy goal. Cases settled out of court usually always save both parties a great deal of time and expense. To ensure that clients are satisfied when a settlement is the solution, Wes conducts an extensive number of mediation and settlement conferences with both parties and the judge to ensure the best outcome is reached.

Appeal – When a favorable outcome is not reached, then Wes may consider appealing the case.

If you would like to meet with Wes to discuss whether or not legal action is the next step, please call the office at 910-256-5800 to set up a consultation.