Expert Legal Counsel Can Help Protect Your Small Business

Protect Your Small Business with Legal CounselIf you ask a successful business owner which two outside professionals are indispensable to the operation, the likely answer will be “my accountant and my attorney.”  Why an accountant is beneficial to a small business is pretty straightforward. They can handle the ongoing financial aspects of doing business such as deciphering complicated tax forms, reviewing sales figures, managing expenses, and charting accounts.

When it comes to legal counsel, many small business owners hesitate to retain an attorney after the initial work is complete for the business start up. They typically feel that it is just not necessary to keep in touch with an attorney until there’s a problem. The hole in that approach is that retaining legal counsel can prevent problems from cropping up. Consider it this way: consulting an experienced local business attorney like Wes Jones is equal to the proverbial “ounce of prevention that’s worth a pound of cure.”

Here’s an example of how having legal counsel available comes in handy before problems arise. Attorney Jones can look over your standard contracts or new employee interview questionnaire and bring light to potential situations that could arise. For instance, you may not be aware of certain laws pertaining to anti-discrimination and innocently ask the wrong questions that could justify a lawsuit and big headaches!

Situations like that are why having a consultation arrangement with an attorney, such as Wes Jones is so vital for providing legal review and guidance. Other times when having an attorney on your team is a plus includes:

  • Forming a corporation – Although it is quite possible to file articles of incorporation without lawyers, the administrative side of managing the complex tax and legal requirements often requires the services of a corporate attorney. Also keep in mind that it may be simple enough to form a legal business entity such as an LLC or business partnership without legal help, however, forming a corporation with shareholders and a board is a more complex process.
  • Litigation – This can include dealing with lawsuits by current or former employees or customers, breach of contract matters, debt collection, discrimination or harassment lawsuits, environmental lawsuits, government investigations for legal violations, and a variety of other types of disputes.
  • Buying or Selling a Business – Attorney Jones has years of experience with negotiating sales agreements, lease agreements, and more.

To learn more about how Wes Jones can assist in your business operations, please schedule a consultation by calling 910-256-5800.