Defective Workmanship or Design

Construction BlueprintsAs builders in New Hanover County continue to see increased activity on the construction front, those in the industry can also expect to see more potential lawsuits alleging defective design and workmanship. Local attorney, Wes Jones is skilled in addressing this area of construction claim. Since 1994, Wes has represented Wilmington, NC clients in the construction and real estate business, including architects, developers, designers, general contractors, subcontractors, and material manufacturers.

In considering counsel by Attorney Jones, consider that he has extensive experience in working with insurers, multiple parties, individual homeowners, and community associations. Wes has handled numerous cases involving a variety of complex construction and design issues such as, infrastructure problems, defective building materials, water damage as a result of alleged construction or design defects, and mold concerns.

“If something can go wrong it probably will.”  With all of the steps and complex components required for even the most simple projects, it does seem that the aforementioned “Murphy’s Law” was written especially for those involved in the phases of construction and design. Of course no one in the business ever sets out to become the subject of a defective workmanship controversy. However, piece of mind is knowing that should you find yourself in such a situation, Attorney Wes Jones can help. Should problems arise, Jones urges any parties involved to first try and resolve the situation amicably on their own. If that does not work, dispute resolutions of this type are one of his specialties.

Upon choosing Wes for your dispute, he will evaluate your case and consider any and all viable strategies for resolving the matter to your satisfaction. Wes also works with HVAC installers, brick masons, electricians, and plumbers.  Learn more about his experience with Construction Law in Wilmington, NC.

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