Business Litigation Lawyer in Wilmington, NC

An Attorney reviewing documents with clients.Those that go into business for themselves usually do so for a few reasons:

  • They have found their passion
  • They feel that they can provide their clientele with needed goods or services
  • They are confident that they can make a living through their commercial or business venture

Of course astute owners will be conscientious to ensure that their business operates by the book and that their customers are absolutely satisfied. Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can take a negative turn. Disputes can arise in cases of business against business or private individual vs. business. Thankfully, many such matters are often resolved through negotiations or arbitration proceedings. When matters cannot be resolved, Business Litigation is an effective means to do so.

Local Wilmington attorney, Wesley Scott Jones, is well-versed in the realm of Business Litigation. Because of its wide scope, when dealing with matters of Business Litigation, it is extremely beneficial to retain the services of an experienced professional. Attorney Wesley Scott Jones has a high degree of expertise in managing disagreements that can result in the various stages of business startup and ownership. He has handled a number of cases involving conflicts between business partners, customers, employees and third party contractors. Jones can also work with clients who are caught in disputes involved in the process of starting up, operating, or dissolving a business.

From banks to builders, small business owners to sub contractors, each different industry comes with a specific set of potential problems. Wesley Scott Jones has gone to bat for his clients on issues representing the full spectrum of possibilities unique to businesses, including general disputes, fraud, bill collection, breach of contract and unfinished work. Choosing a lawyer who is knowledgeable on the multi-faceted world of business law can be invaluable in protecting your rights and your company’s business interests.

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