Breach of Contract

ContractAlong with the goods and services a business provides to its customers, its success and reputation are also built on the strength of its contracts. In business, agreements can be verbal or in writing. Regardless of their format, each type should be honored.

When one or more of the parties involved does not honor a contractual binding agreement or arranged exchange, a breach of contract occurs. This also applies to situations when one party’s performance is met with interference or one party indicates to the other that the agreed-upon promise will not be fulfilled. One’s behavior and conduct can also be an indicator of their inability or unwillingness to honor the established agreement. Legal action may be the next step.

In breach of contract cases, Attorney Wesley Scott Jones believes investigating all of the mitigating circumstances involved in the dispute is key in arriving to a positive outcome for his clients. Based on his direct experience with contract law, Wes knows that simply denying wrongdoing is not enough. Jones is also keenly aware as a defense attorney who represents those in the construction and real estate industry, that taking quick action is vital in the development of a strong argument.

With questions concerning contractual dealings, there are an infinite number of situational factors that can come into play. A few typical examples are:

  • The contract contains terms that are unclear.
  • The agreement was supposed to have been in writing but all or portions of it, are not.
  • There are clerical errors in the contract that can impact its validity and outcome.
  • One party was coerced into signing the agreement, under circumstances such as intimidation or false information.
  • In order to fulfill the contract, illegal activity would have to occur.

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