Starting a Business in Wilmington NC

Woman sitting with arms crossed.So, you have developed an innovative business plan, secured financial backing, found the ideal location, thought up a great name, designed a logo, and composed a help wanted ad for your future staff. As any business owner knows, it’s going to take much more to get your operation off the ground. At the law firm of Wesley Scott Jones, we can guide you through the legal processes involved with setting up a business, non-profit, limited liability company, or corporation.

Some of the most important considerations that Wilmington business owners must first decide on are how their operation will be set up in terms type and structure. There are several different strategies and we will be able to guide you to one that is the most advantageous for meeting your business objectives. As an  experienced business attorney, Wes is very familiar with the legal aspects of what it takes for a successful sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, non-profit, or full corporation. The type of structure you choose is often the key to which type of business entity you should select.

We can also discuss issues such as insurance, operating agreements, shareholder issues, non-compete clauses, and many other details today’s business owners must be aware of. Another aspect to be addressed, is the way a business is registered for tax purposes. We are very familiar with the N.C. state laws and local requirements for business registration and can discuss

The process of establishing a business also involves an operating license. Wes is knowledgeable as to what is necessary in the state of N.C. and in the Greater Wilmington area for the specific licensing regulations, based on the business structure. Since there are definite guidelines that govern how and where various businesses can operate, retaining the counsel of an attorney skilled in these matters is vital for any owner wishing to avoid fines, red tape, or any legal difficulties.

To learn more about topics such as these and many more that you should be aware of as a business owner or operator, please visit the Business Law section on the website of Wesley Scott Jones.

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