Business and Contract Dispute Attorney in Wilmington

Picture of a business man.Can you guess the answer to this question: “What is the most common type of business conflict between opposing parties that can often lead to courtroom litigation?” If you guessed contract disputes, you would be correct.

There are practically as many different types of contract disagreements as there are businesses. Seeking a resolution to these types of clashes can be exhausting and take its toll on your business through the stress, lost time, and expense of a potential lawsuit. With contract disputes, it is best to address them as quickly and efficiently as possible, because they can have a direct impact on your other business dealings. As a business owner, it is also extremely important to safeguard your legal rights. In many cases of contract conflicts, an experienced Business and Contract Dispute attorney can help resolve the matter without civil litigation.

In the Greater Wilmington area, business owners are discovering that for matters such as these, the law firm of Attorney Wesley Scott Jones is the one to contact. Whether the contract in question was created years ago or you’re considering drafting a new one, Wes can help. Because of his experience in this area of business law, he can work with you to ensure that your contracts are clear, thorough, and enforceable.

Wes knows that there are a number of contracts that can easily become a source of conflict among the parties who are subjected to them. A few common examples are business agreements involving customers or clients, distributors, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors, independent contractors, franchises, and licensing. Quarrels are also commonplace that pertain to service agreements, purchase or sale agreements, construction contracts, and government contracts.

When you contact the law firm of Wesley Scott Jones, please know that he is committed to settling such disputes in a fair and reasonable manner. As a Business and Contract Dispute Litigator, he can explain your legal rights and obligations and then guide you to the appropriate legitimate options. Follow this link to learn more about Business or Construction Contract Disputes. To contact the office of Wesley Scott Jones directly, please call 919-256-5800.


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