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Litigation Lawyer for Construction Firms in Wilmington, NC

Business man The Wall Street Journal reported in November that home building is on the rise. According to the article, the Dow Jones U.S. Home Construction Index rose around 80% over 2012. As the housing market continues to improve, the uptick in new construction is expected to continue. There was even more encouraging news in a press release from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. It was announced in the fall that, “annual homeowner improvement spending is expected to reach double-digit growth in the first half of 2013.”

Although this is all certainly good news, anyone involved in the business of construction knows there is a great deal involved in building or remodeling a home. As building activity picks up in the Wilmington area, those in the housing industry will want to safeguard their interests and protect themselves from possible disputes that could arise. As a Construction Law Litigator, Attorney Wesley Scott Jones is available to assist clients with a variety of scenarios that builders, contractors, design professionals, suppliers, and owners are often challenged with. In addition to residential cases, Wes is also able to take on cases relating to commercial and government projects.

Due to the detailed nature of construction, remodeling, and home building, it is a good idea to retain legal counsel as a preventative measure. Attorney Jones can guide you through the initial stages of contract preparation so you’ll begin each project on the right foot. Since there are also typical pitfalls that can besiege even the most simple construction project, Wes uses his experience and offers attention to detail on tasks like investigating and negotiating issues such as disruption claims, negligence, and defective workmanship. Wes tackles these cases by evaluating each aspect of the project. Regardless of how large or small the task at hand is, it typically involves these basic topics:

  • The range of work that the parties involved agreed to
  • The documents set forth that explain the project and work it will entail
  • How the contractor, designer, or supplier will be reimbursed
  • How the owner will be guaranteed that the builders are doing their work properly and to code
  • How any problems with the above-mentioned areas be handled

When you contract the services of Attorney Wesley Jones, his role will be to help you plot a course of action so there will be smooth sailing and no surprises. Learn more here: To contact the office of Wesley Scott Jones directly, simply call 919-256-5800.


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Business and Contract Dispute Attorney in Wilmington

Picture of a business man.Can you guess the answer to this question: “What is the most common type of business conflict between opposing parties that can often lead to courtroom litigation?” If you guessed contract disputes, you would be correct.

There are practically as many different types of contract disagreements as there are businesses. Seeking a resolution to these types of clashes can be exhausting and take its toll on your business through the stress, lost time, and expense of a potential lawsuit. With contract disputes, it is best to address them as quickly and efficiently as possible, because they can have a direct impact on your other business dealings. As a business owner, it is also extremely important to safeguard your legal rights. In many cases of contract conflicts, an experienced Business and Contract Dispute attorney can help resolve the matter without civil litigation.

In the Greater Wilmington area, business owners are discovering that for matters such as these, the law firm of Attorney Wesley Scott Jones is the one to contact. Whether the contract in question was created years ago or you’re considering drafting a new one, Wes can help. Because of his experience in this area of business law, he can work with you to ensure that your contracts are clear, thorough, and enforceable.

Wes knows that there are a number of contracts that can easily become a source of conflict among the parties who are subjected to them. A few common examples are business agreements involving customers or clients, distributors, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors, independent contractors, franchises, and licensing. Quarrels are also commonplace that pertain to service agreements, purchase or sale agreements, construction contracts, and government contracts.

When you contact the law firm of Wesley Scott Jones, please know that he is committed to settling such disputes in a fair and reasonable manner. As a Business and Contract Dispute Litigator, he can explain your legal rights and obligations and then guide you to the appropriate legitimate options. Follow this link to learn more about Business or Construction Contract Disputes. To contact the office of Wesley Scott Jones directly, please call 919-256-5800.


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Starting a Business in Wilmington NC

Woman sitting with arms crossed.So, you have developed an innovative business plan, secured financial backing, found the ideal location, thought up a great name, designed a logo, and composed a help wanted ad for your future staff. As any business owner knows, it’s going to take much more to get your operation off the ground. At the law firm of Wesley Scott Jones, we can guide you through the legal processes involved with setting up a business, non-profit, limited liability company, or corporation.

Some of the most important considerations that Wilmington business owners must first decide on are how their operation will be set up in terms type and structure. There are several different strategies and we will be able to guide you to one that is the most advantageous for meeting your business objectives. As an  experienced business attorney, Wes is very familiar with the legal aspects of what it takes for a successful sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, non-profit, or full corporation. The type of structure you choose is often the key to which type of business entity you should select.

We can also discuss issues such as insurance, operating agreements, shareholder issues, non-compete clauses, and many other details today’s business owners must be aware of. Another aspect to be addressed, is the way a business is registered for tax purposes. We are very familiar with the N.C. state laws and local requirements for business registration and can discuss

The process of establishing a business also involves an operating license. Wes is knowledgeable as to what is necessary in the state of N.C. and in the Greater Wilmington area for the specific licensing regulations, based on the business structure. Since there are definite guidelines that govern how and where various businesses can operate, retaining the counsel of an attorney skilled in these matters is vital for any owner wishing to avoid fines, red tape, or any legal difficulties.

To learn more about topics such as these and many more that you should be aware of as a business owner or operator, please visit the Business Law section on the website of Wesley Scott Jones.

To contact the office of Wesley Scott Jones directly, please call 919-256-5800.


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